About Secret Garden Herbs

Secret Garden Herbs grew from my passion to share the healing foods, herbs, honey, beeswax and personal and home care products that supported my 20-year journey from “Breast Cancer Survivor” to the “Light Filled Thriver” I am today!

Along with offering the products that facilitated my healing journey, I also joyfully share the belief that, given the right conditions, our bodies carry the innate wisdom to heal themselves…and the “divinely inspired, locally crafted” kombucha, herbal teas, soaps, and beeswax creations offered at the Secret Garden have been co-created to support each person’s unique journey toward joyful wellness.

Our product offerings started with handcrafted soaps, made in my kitchen near the shore of Barnegat Bay, incorporating all natural oils, butters, herbal infusions, botanical colorings, as well as consciously sourced beeswax and honey.  As I continued to play with new ways to incorporate the healing qualities of the herbal world, I began experimenting with a kombucha based soap formula.

Understanding that our skin is the largest organ of our body, and that the pro-biotic qualities of kombucha survive saponification, the concept of “pro-biotic” soap just continued to inspire me…and Secret Garden Booch Soap was born.  As I gave away samples of this new soap line, the feedback ranged from, “My daughter’s acne has cleared up…for the first time…she’s happy to be in pictures again!”, to, “I don’t need deodorant anymore!”, to, “My skin has never felt so soft!”.

As the need for kombucha and kombucha culture to support the kombucha soap-crafting process grew, I decided to experiment with brewing my own kombucha to support the growing soap-making needs.

Soap customers began to ask to try my kombucha, found that it had a unique flavor and “energy” to it, and Secret Garden Kombucha was born.

It’s been an incredible journey since then – finding the perfect “Secret Garden” space that would support a brewing kitchen and fermentation “nursery”, obtaining Health Department approval to brew, setting up for the first time at the Haddonfield Farmers Market, and experiencing the joy of sharing tastings of the current seasonal flavors.

Today, Secret Garden Kombucha is brewed in our little shop in Haddonfield, NJ, where each batch is lovingly tended (and tested…ask to see our pH logs!), fermented in custom pottery urns and oak barrels, infused with fresh seasonal fruits and herbs, shared thru complimentary tastings, and available in pint bottles, growlers, as well as on tap at our shop and several local eateries.

We look forward to sharing our “Divinely Inspired…Locally Brewed” kombucha with you soon!