Wholesale Kombucha

Secret Garden Kombucha is truly a “Divinely Inspired…Locally Brewed” beverage, hand-crafted and fermented in custom pottery, glass and oak barrel urns in our Haddonfield, NJ brewery.  Our kombucha starts with the finest teas, organic dehydrated cane juice and spring water, poured into the fermentation urns, and lovingly tended in our fermentation nursery until the perfect sweet/tangy balance (and pH!) is attained.

Our kombucha is then infused with local seasonal fruits (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, peaches, cherries, and apples) and local and organic fruit juices (concord grape and cranberry), fresh herbs (mint, lemon balm and tulsi), dried herbs (elderberries), and a touch of honey or maple syrup for some blends.  We also incorporate small batch bitters from AZ Bitters Lab, located in Phoeniz, AZ, and the highest quality organic spices in some of our spiced blends.

Secret Garden Coffee and Mocha Cold Brewcha is small batch crafted, combining locally ground organic coffee, spring water, fresh organic vanilla beans, a touch of organic maple syrup, AZ Bitters Lab Mas Mole bitters, and fair trade organic cocoa for the Mocha Brewcha.  The cold brew coffee is steeped for 10 hours, filtered, and fermented to the perfect kombucha pH in 5-gallon glass urns, yielding a unique flavor profile that perfectly combines the smoothness of cold brew coffee with the slight carbonation and tangy zip of kombucha.

We deliver to our Secret Garden Kombucha partners in 1 gallon sealed, lid-labelled jugs, 16-ounce sealed, front-labelled bottles, and 2.5 and 5-gallon stainless steel kegs.  We can provide 1, 2 or 5-gallon glass dispensing urns with your first order at no charge, if you prefer to serve your customers “farmers market style”, or deliver in stainless steel, ball-locking soda kegs, for a one-time deposit of $60/keg.

There are no minimum order quantities – we strive to work together to determine what best fits our partners’ needs and experience with our product.

Our flavors are seasonal, dependent on local fruit availability, and generally include:

  • Spring/Summer flavors – Strawberry Mint, Spiced Peach, Sparkling Raspberry, Blueberry Pie, and Cherry Vanilla
  • Summer/Autumn flavors – Concord Grape, Spiced Apple, Cranberry (aka Pine Barren Bog Booch!), Cranberry Apple and Cranberry Grape
  • Winter/Spring flavors – Honeyed Elderberry, Maple Lemon, Vanilla Crème, and Koffee
  • Year-round – Oak Barrel, and Simply Booch (straight from the urn)

We also regularly experiment with unique blends, including Chaga Mushroom and Chakra Tea Blends over the winter months, so please call to discuss availability – or custom ideas – we’re up to try almost anything “booch”!

We currently offer wholesale kombucha in returnable glass growlers, as well as labeled pint bottles.  We look forward to discussing what works best for your business!

Please give us a call at (609)389-8070 or email at secretgardenherbs@gmail.com to set up a time to discuss your unique needs, taste our kombucha blends, and figure out our path forward.